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About Out of System

Out of System is a media and events company founded by 3 pro-volleyball players, Joe Worsley, Gage Worsley and Micah Ma’a, during the Covid-19 quarantine of 2020. 

Out of System’s mission is to keep the worldwide volleyball community connected and provide a place where we could share our love of volleyball and elevate volleyball to its rightful place in the sports spotlight.

Out of System allows us to connect so many people with desires and ambitions similar to ours.  We want to share our knowledge and experiences to energize all players, young and old. We want to show kids through clinics and videos how we stay at the top of our game. We want to introduce coaches from every level of the game to our followers. 

Our  connections and platform will help educate thousands and thousands of kids, from all walks of life, what top coaches in the country look for and what makes a player stand out to them, etc.  


Our Story

Joe and Gage Worsley have been playing volleyball since young boys, growing up in Rochester, New York. With parents that coach volleyball, Joe and Gage learned the technical aspects of the game, in addition to the mental and physical dedication necessary to reach the highest levels of competition.​

Out of System is rooted in the Worlsely’s lifelong connection and devotion to the game they grew up with and the lifelong friendships they developed through volleyball. Micah Ma’a and Jake Myers are like brothers to the Worsley Bro’s and they couldn’t have been happier to ask them to join the team after a few months into the venture.

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