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About Out of System

Out of System is a media and events company founded by 3 pro-volleyball players, Joe Worsley, Gage Worsley and Micah Ma’a, during quarantine of 2020. 

Out of System’s mission is to keep the worldwide volleyball community connected and provide a place where we could share our love of volleyball and elevate volleyball to its rightful place in the sports spotlight.

Our Story


Joe and Gage Worsley have been playing volleyball since young boys, growing up in Rochester, New York. With parents that coach volleyball, Joe and Gage learned the technical aspects of the game, in addition to the mental and physical dedication necessary to reach the highest levels of competition.​

Out of System is rooted in the Worlsely’s lifelong connection and devotion to the game they grew up with and the lifelong friendships they developed through volleyball. Micah Ma’a and Jake Myers are like brothers to the Worsley Bro’s and they couldn’t have been happier to ask them to join the team after a few months into the venture.


Co-Founder and CEO

Joe Worsley

Hey, I’m Joe!  I played my college volleyball career at the University of Hawaii and am playing my 5th professional volleyball season overseas, most recently in France.  Volleyball has been my life ever since I was a baby and I live for being on the OOS Summer Tours playing, coaching and meeting everyone in our sport.  My favorite outdoor volleyball events are the Waupaca Boatride and 6-Man.  We are no “A” brand, we are “THE” brand.  Come along for the ride if you live for playing volleyball the only way it should be played…Out of System style.


Co-Founder and Chief of Content

Gage Worsley

My name is Gage, but you can call me G-SWIZLES or SWIZZ.  My brother Joe and I started OOS the summer of my Junior year at the University of Hawaii.  We were home and bored during the pandemic, looking for a way to stay connected with our friends and family in the volleyball community.  I’m currently in my 3rd professional volleyball season.  I played one season in Bulgaria and this is my second season in Germany.  I live for OOS and brainstorming, filming and creating new ways connect the volleyball community.  I’m the wildcard of the OOS group and bring the energy and fun to everything I do!

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Chief of Marketing

Fayna Zeng

Hey~ I'm Fayna but the boys call me "Fay".

As an avid pineapple and volleyball lover myself, it was clearly a match made in heaven when I joined the best pineapple logo-rockin', volleyball-dominating team in existence! (-; 

I'm in charge of the social accounts (and mastermind behind the dank memes), anything that's designed like thumbnails or websites, & I'm usually behind the camera filming those cinematic shots for the master of creativity, Gage, to work his editing wizardry on.

Nice to meet ya!

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Chief Financial Officer

Michael Wiseman

I could not be prouder to be part of Out of System! I bring to OOS what they lack most, age, wisdom and grey hair. As the old dude of the group, I feel like I make them feel like their at home by asking them to explain Tik-Tok and Snap-chatting to me. Seriously though, I’ve been in business for many years and never ever had as much fun as I do with this cadre of individuals…they’re all awesome and I’m so excited to take this ride with them all and hopefully she’d a little of that wisdom on them while they give me more grey hair….I also happily wear the moniker they gave me; Dirty Mike 😎

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Chief of Volleyball

Micah Ma'a

My name is Micah Ma’a and I am from Kaneohe, Hawaii. I graduated from UCLA in 2019 and I’m currently playing my 5th professional season overseas, most recently in Turkey. During most of my summers since college, I have been training with the U.S National team….until Joe and Gage convinced me to hit the road and play grass threes for a summer. With the Out of System crew, much like on the court, I don’t have a true role, I do whatever is necessary. I just go where they tell me to go and do what they tell me to do. I’m also known for my punctuality and always being the first to respond to emails. Thanks for loving volleyball as much as us and being part of the Out of System crew!!!

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Chief of Merchandise

Jake Myers

My name is Jake Myers, but you may know me as Jake McSlunks.  I am from Lafayette, California and currently a senior at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.  Volleyball has been a huge part of my life since I started playing in high school.  Fun fact- Gage was the coach of my 17U volleyball club team at Nationals in 2019 and I have been coached by every member of the Worsley family.  I am most often seen behind the camera and as of late have been in charge of OOS merchandise…so GET YOUR MERCH fast…before it sells out!

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So, why are you named Out of System?

That is a great question!
1. It speaks to the game inside the game. It is a goal, whether stated or not of every point within a match.
2. It is an idea that when your side finds itself “Out of System” you strive to figure out how to create opportunity, how to adjust, how to use what you know to to turn that disadvantage into ultimately, not only a point, but a victory!

Making a Splash in the News!
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