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Hey I'm Joe! I played at the University of Hawaii for 4 years, and I'm currently playing my third pro season in Germany. Volleyball has been my life ever since I was a baby. My favorite outdoor volleyball event is the Waupaca Boatride and if you haven’t been, then I don’t know what you do with your summers. We are not “A” brand, we are “THE” brand. Come along for the ride if you live for playing volleyball the only way it should be played...Out of System.



Co-Creator & Master of Creativity

My name might be Gage, but please refer to me as G Swizzles, SWIZZ, G Swizz, Gamer Gage, Hobo Gage, Taco Bell Gage, Practice Gage, or Game Time Gage. I edit the sweet beauties you see on our YouTube silver screen. I play professionally in a Bulgaria and speak absolutely no Bulgarian whatsoever. But I do know little Mandarin, some sign language, a tad German, and some Samoan. Imma be honest I only know like two words from each of those languages. Any ways I started this whole thing with my brother Joksie. He is more of the business man, I consider myself THE MASTER OF CREATIVITY.






My name is Micah Ma’a and I am from Kaneohe, Hawaii. I graduated from UCLA in 2019 and went on to play in a small town in France called Poitiers for two years. In my third year playing overseas I am now starting my first season in Poland for GKS Katowice. During most of my summers since college I have been training with the U.S National team until Joe and Gage pitched to me the idea of clowning around and playing grass threes for a summer. Within the out of system crew much like on the court I don’t have a true role, I kind of just go where they tell me to go and do what they tell me to do. I’m also known for my punctuality and always being the first to respond to emails. Thanks for being part of the out of system crew!!! 



Social Media & Design

Hey~ I'm Fayna but the boys call me "Fay".

As an avid pineapple and volleyball lover myself, it was clearly a match made in heaven when I joined the best pineapple logo-rockin', volleyball-dominating team in existence! (-; 

I'm in charge of the social accounts (and mastermind behind the dank memes), anything that's designed like thumbnails or websites, & I'm usually behind the camera filming those cinematic shots for the master of creativity, Gage, to work his editing wizardry on.

Nice to meet ya!




Hey guys its your boyyy Rado, currently playing his first professional season in Novi Sad, Serbia, my teams name is Vojvodina. I graduated in may from University of Hawaii at Manoa and finally won the National championship title that i was chasing since i got there in 2016. As part of the Bulgarian National team i played in the Volleyball Nations League this summer in Rimini, Italy.  I’m still part of Out of System, my job is to create content and to help improve and grow our fanbase in Europe and in America. I believe that OOS is the way for kids and future athletes to find the answers to questions that will make their time easier in high school, college or in the pros.

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Michael could not be prouder to have been asked to join OOS. What he brings to OOS is a diverse background of business and life. Through supporting his daughters through their volleyball lives, he met Joe and Gage Worsley. His years of business and life have led him here, to the Out of System family.